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Our Name (the RUG-less)
You never know when the rug is gonna get pulled out from under you…
We are truly the Rugless generation!

Our Story
We’re a rock band living in Chicago.  There are 3 of us.  “I think of joining a band like joining a bowling league,” says Jimmy. We loving jamming, switching instruments, and writing songs.  We aren’t in it for the glory, but for the love of music!!!

Our Sound
something like The Grateful Dead, jazz, The Band, Dr. Dog, Pavement. We love tight short songs but always find ourselves indulging in taking a leap of music faith into the unknown.

The way it happened
Jimmy and Travis started jamming together in Jan of ’13.  Jimmy saw Travis’s band at a show and it started a music friendship. Mike and Travis played in a few other bands years back.

Our Music
Usually rock, funk, experimental jams.