Cloud data sharing permits distributed organizations to share files with partners or clients in a time where work from anywhere policies and global collaboration are the norm. The best solutions allow for collaboration on content, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation while allowing for scale and speed.

pCloud is a cloud storage service that allows you to create a personal vault to store files that do not wish to sync across all of your devices. The service has a free plan with 5GB of storage and two paid plans that range from 1TB to 2TB. Contrary to other providers, pCloud encrypts your data when it travels on the Internet and is stored on its servers. This means that even if someone has access to your account, they cannot access your data.

Cloud object storage platforms offer an instant backup that is accessible from any place in the world. They can also be restored in the event of an issue with the hardware occurs or a liquid spill occurs, or a natural disaster occurs. You can also search for a specific piece of information. They are less likely to be affected by accidental deletions and modifications.

Many systems that generate and consume data aren’t able to wait for batches of processing or overnight runs, and require data that is accurate and up-to date at all times. The data is often stored within the system where it was generated, but it must be available instantly if it is needed to manage a business or gain a competitive advantage. The most efficient solutions have a multi-cloud connectivity strategy that can provide high levels of data utilization and computing, as well as a read/write strategy to minimize the cost of egress.