Collaboration features in plank allow users to work together on tasks and share choices with an interactive whiteboard. They can draw, upload photos and use a chat function. They can as well customize the backdrop and choose between multiple themes. The responsiveness of this digital whiteboard is outstanding, simply because each customer can draw and create in real time with no lag.

The collaborative equipment in plank help educators foster 21st-century skills, and empower pupils to work together on tasks. This is the greatest tool just for classrooms exactly where teachers have the choice to allow Student-Paced mode. The characteristic allows students to connect to the board at their particular pace and enables instructors to accept student posts and comments.

Using a simple click, you can produce a board and invite collaborators. You can provide collaborators gain access to with a link, QR-Code or through email. You can grant collaborators 3 completely different levels of get permissions: Viewer, Editor or Full. You may also lock any object over the board to stop accidental adjustments during an online meeting or workshop. With all the live cursors, you can see where other collaborators are working on the board. The color of the collaborator’s cursor matches their status on the aboard. This makes it easy to track every user. You may also select parts on the aboard and set up quick links. With the election and ranking, you can easily gather feedback from the participants over a particular gross note, textual content, shape look at this web-site or picture.